Piles are one of the most common issues experienced by numerous people globally. However, piles are not a life-threatening disease but must be addressed to prevent pain, discomfort, and complication risks. One of the most advanced forms of piles treatment is laser piles surgery. This blog will explain why laser treatment for piles is considered the most effective.

Why is laser piles surgery better than any other form of piles treatment?

Here are several reasons the best laser surgeon in Kolkata suggests undergoing laser treatment for piles:

  • Non-invasive process

The laser piles treatment is a non-invasive process, especially for those scared of surgical treatment. In this process, the best piles surgeon in Kolkata uses laser beams to destroy and burn the blood vessels that have caused piles and, later, shrink and disappear.

  • Local anesthesia

The procedure of local anesthesia is used for laser treatment of piles that avoids the risk of side effects associated with general anesthesia of conventional surgery. Hence, this treatment procedure can be performed with minimal risk and discomfort to the patient.

  • Minimal or no loss of blood

Laser piles surgery is non-invasive; hence, blood loss is minimal or zero.

  • Minimal or zero damage to the surrounding tissue

During the traditional surgical treatment for piles, there is always a risk of damaging the nearby tissues. Whereas, in the case of laser treatment, laser beams are used accurately and precisely to avoid damaging neighboring tissues.

  • Minimal discomfort and pain

Many patients are afraid of undergoing traditional surgical treatment. The reason is that after undergoing conventional piles surgery, bowel movements can be truly painful for the patients. However, with the help of laser piles treatment, the risk of damaging surrounding tissues and feeling pain is minimal.

  • Out-patient process

As the laser piles treatment is non-invasive and does not require intense patient monitoring, the patient can be discharged soon after the laser surgery. Such surgical treatment for piles is generally performed as an outpatient procedure.

  • No open wounds and sutures

As laser treatment for piles avoids incision, unlike the traditional surgical method, there is no open wound and sutures. Hence, no risk of post-surgery infection is involved. As a result, the piles patient becomes more comfortable during the treatment with minimal or no pain.

  • Quick recovery with fewer follow-up visits

It also involves a quick recovery duration and requires only a few visits for checkups after laser surgery.  

These are a few reasons you should opt for laser piles surgery in Kolkata. Review: “Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik is an incredible piles doctor in Kolkata I have ever met, and thanks to him, I am entirely cured. There was no pain or bleeding after the treatment, which surprised me. After one week of treatment, I’m almost normal, and after ten days, I’m fully cured and treated. The rate of healing is so fast that it seems like magic.”