Stomach Cancer Surgery

Gastric cancer displays significant worldwide variation in incidence; the highest rates are seen in Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, with lower rates in North America and Western Europe. According to the best stomach cancer doctor in Kolkata, patients in Asian countries are frequently diagnosed with gastric cancer at an earlier stage than in non-Asian countries. In Japan and Korea, where the incidence of gastric cancer is much higher than in Western countries, screening for gastric cancer is routine.

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    Risk Factors:

    Risk factors for gastric cancer in Kolkata include male sexuality (incidence doubled), Helicobacter pylori infection, tobacco use, atrophic gastritis, incomplete gastrectomy and Ménétrier’s disease. Gastral distal or antral cancer associated with H infection. pylori, alcohol consumption, salty foods, processed meats and low-fat fruits and vegetables are very common in East Asia. Tumours of the proximal stomach (cardia) are associated with obesity, and tumours of the gastroesophageal junction are associated with reflux and Barrett’s oesophagus and are more common in non Asian countries. Ninety per cent(90%) of gastric cancers are adenocarcinomas. The other types of gastric malignancies such as gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs), lymphomas and neuroendocrine tumours are rarer.

    Surgical Resection:

    Reconstructive Gastric cancer surgery, especially in the early stages, can be healing. However, the majority of patients still relapse following re-delivery, therefore, integrated treatment modalities are at the Stage IB stage of the disease. Laparoscopic Stomach Cancer surgery has the potential benefit of decreased postoperative morbidity and reduced recovery time. Although concerns existed regarding the possibility of a inadequate lymph nodal clearance with a laparoscopic approach. Trials from the Far East have reported equivalent results to open surgery for distal gastrectomy. Laparoscopic surgery is becoming one of the recommended options for patients with early gastric cancer.

    Adjuvant Stomach Cancer Treatment in Kolkata:

    Recommendation: For patients with ≥Stage IB gastric cancer who have undergone surgery without administration of preoperative chemotherapy (e.g. due to understaging before the initial decision for upfront surgery), postoperative chemoradiotherapy (CRT) or adjuvant chemotherapy is recommended. For patients having undergone preoperative chemotherapy, the addition of postoperative radiotherapy (RT) has no added benefit, say the best stomach cancer doctor in Kolkata.

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