Stapler Circumcision

Best place to get your laser or Stapler circumcision surgery done in Kolkata. If you are looking for the best circumcision surgeon in Kolkata, come to Clinica Health and consult Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik for best experience with the most advanced techniques for circumcision like laser circumcision and Stapler circumcision. Clinica Health is the best clinic in Kolkata practicing ZSR/stapler circumcision and also specializes in laser circumcision. This allows patients to recover amazingly fast and have a great aesthetic appearance too. The course of treatment lasts about 15-20 minutes.

What are the conditions circumcision is done for?

  • Phimosis (most common)
  • Paraphimosis
  • Recurrent balanitis (commonly seen in diabetic patients)
  • Ritual

 What is Phimosis?

Phimosis is a condition where a patient becomes unable to retract the foreskin that covers the head of the penis (glans penis). It may give rise to repeated infection, difficulty in passing urine, painful intercourse, says the best phimosis doctor in Kolkata.

 Is it beneficial to do circumcision?

Yes. After circumcision, apart from the relief of problems associated with primary condition for which it is done, there are other benefits of it, e.g.

  • less chance of penile infection
  • less chance of UTI
  • less chance of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • less chance of penile cancer
  • fairly low-cost procedure

What are the different ways of doing circumcision?

Conventional circumcision

Laser circumcision

Stapler circumcision

What is laser circumcision?

In this procedure, during the excision of prepuce, laser is used to cut and seal the bleeding vessels simultaneously. It is painless and bloodless procedure.

What is ZSR/stapler circumcision?

A ZSR circumcision device / stapler is used to remove the preputialskin (foreskin). This device ensures ‘cut and seal’ in such a way that there is hardly any bleeding. It provides the best cosmetic outcome (‘High & Tight”) among all the other surgical options available at present.

Which circumcision method is best?

The different advantages of laser and Stapler procedures over the old, conventional surgery are discussed below in the given table.

Stapler Circumcision

What our patients say

Is circumcision surgery painful?

It is generally not very painful. After conventional surgery, pain is moderate. Laser procedure is less painful. Stapler Circumcision is almost painless. Even if someone experiences pain, it is usually amenable to common over-the-counter pain relievers.

What is the recovery time after Circumcision?

The patient can resume normal activity after 24 hours of the procedure, although, the recovery time may vary with age of patient and other factors.

What do you wear after circumcision?

We advise our patients to wear loose fitting clothes after the procedure. This ensures good ventilation to the operative area and also prevents wound getting rubbed with clothes. We also recommend our patients to wait till your wound heals completely before attempting sexual intercourse.

Can you be half circumcised?

Yes, you can be half circumcised. This happens if the foreskin is cut distal to the glans leaving behind a considerable amount of foreskin covering the glans even after the surgery. This is termed as partial circumcision. Remember, a well-executed circumcision entails complete excision of foreskin and provides the so called ‘high & tight’ look.

Is it painful to pee after circumcision?

No. it doesn’t hurt to pee after this procedure. Moreover, as urine is sterile and doesn’t cause infection, peeing can’t alter the course of healing after circumcision. Having said that, it is also not very unusual to see a small amount of bleeding from the surgical site for the first few days.

Do you need to remove stitches/pins after circumcision?

Yes, sometimes you may need to have your stitches removed manually specially after conventional surgical procedure. Laser or ZSR circumcision doesn’t usually need stitch/pin removal as it falls off its own.

What happens if you get hard after circumcision?

Erections might cause pain or discomfort for first few days of circumcision. This pain usually subsides as the erection goes. Erections usually do not harm the wound and may aid in healing, but we suggest patients to avoid sexual stimulation during this time.

Intercourse after Circumcision procedure?

We recommend our patients to wait for at least three weeks after this procedure before attempting sexual intercourse.

Does circumcision improve performance?

Contrary to the popular belief earlier, that circumcision may impair sexual performance, satisfaction, and pleasure, the findings from VMMC study (Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision for HIV prevention) suggest that both men and their partners can expect equal or increased sexual satisfaction as well as improved penile hygiene following VMMC.01-Dec-2015

Does Circumcision Reduce feeling?

No, circumcision does not appear to influence sensitivity of the penis, according to a new study.

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