Swollen blood vessels and tissues at the tip of the rectum cause piles or haemorrhoids. There are glands, nerve endings, tissues and blood vessels in the anal region. Piles can occur when an excessive amount of pressure is applied to a region owing to diarrhoea, constipation, lifting large weights, or any other reason. Depending on where they grow, piles are classified as internal or exterior. Internal piles form on the anus and rectum’s inner linings, while exterior piles form around the anus. Mild piles may not cause any symptoms, but in the majority of instances, piles cause itching, pain, irritation, inflammation, and bleeding in the affected area.

What is the Treatment Procedure for Piles

To treat piles, there are a variety of nonsurgical and surgical options. Some of the options include rubber band ligation, freezing of piles, or cutting them off with an energy beam. Laser technology is the most recent approach of piles treatment in Kolkata. This is a cutting-edge technology, and one of the most skilled piles surgeons, Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik, was eager to adopt it for his patients.

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Piles

When opposed to other traditional incision-based procedures, there are various advantages to treating piles using laser surgery. They are as follows:

Minimal Blood Loss

One of the most major elements of any surgery is blood loss during the procedure. When the piles are removed with a laser, the beam closes the blood tissues and capillaries partially, resulting in much less blood loss. When a cut is sealed, the odds of infection are drastically reduced.

Minimal Pain

When compared to scalpel incisions, laser cutting is usually less painful. Even though the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, individuals may experience pain as the anaesthesia wears off. The pain associated with laser piles surgery in Kolkata is significantly less.

Quickly Completed

Utilizing laser technology to remove piles is a much faster process than using conventional surgical approaches. Depending on the location and amount of piles to be removed, a typical surgical time for eliminating piles is roughly 30 minutes. The patient will be able to go home shortly after the procedure and will not need to stay in the hospital.

Quick Healing

Less blood loss, a lower risk of infection, and partially sealed tissues after surgery all contribute to the fast healing of the operated region. People who have had laser piles surgery are usually able to go to work a week after the procedure. They can observe how rapidly their quality of life has improved following the surgery.

Low Risk of Causing Damage to Other Tissues

Since Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik is the best laser surgeon in Kolkata, the risk of causing damage to other tissues near the piles and in the sphincter muscles is extremely low. He uses the precision-based laser treatment to remove only the affected portion of the body, leaving the healthy part intact.

Final Thoughts

You should be aware that piles are a very prevalent problem that affects more than half of the population. If you have any of the symptoms of piles, you should see your doctor to obtain the proper treatment. If your surgeon recommends surgery as a last resort, opt for laser surgery over any other scalpel-based procedure.