An anal fistula, also known as a fistula-in-ano, is a small canal that links the rectum to the buttocks’ outer skin. But how will you get rid of such issues? There are several treatment options used by doctors to teach anal fistula, out of which fistula laser treatment is considered the best treatment procedure. But before understanding the fistula treatment, it is important for you to learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment procedures of anal fistula.

Symptoms of anal fistula:

Here are some signs of anal fistula that you may notice:

  • An anal fistula can cause discomfort while sitting or using the toilet. As a result, the skin around your anus may be infected.
  • You may observe discharge from the opening if you have a fistula. This might be pus, blood, or even faeces.
  • Abscesses are sometimes associated with fistulas and can cause fever.

Causes of anal fistula:

An anal fistula is frequently caused by an abscess in an infected anal gland. Fistulas are sometimes connected with an active abscess and can also form after an abscess has been drained, either naturally or by a fistula doctor.

Anal fistulas are also linked to other disorders like Crohn’s disease, tuberculosis and diverticulitis. Sometimes, radiation treatment can also cause anal fistulas.

Anal fistula diagnosis:

Your doctor will most likely begin with a physical examination. The fistula’s outer opening is easy to find. The doctor will then perform a rectal exam to locate the inner opening of the fistula. To acquire a better view of the rectum, equipment such as an anoscope can be used.

Finding the exact track of the fistula might be difficult. Before starting therapy, doctors use diagnostic equipment to map out the fistula. These can include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or x-rays. In order to trace the passage of the fistula, a probe might be placed into it.

Treatment of anal fistula:

There are several options used by the best fistula surgeon, such as seton, fistulotomy, and fistulectomy. But fistula laser treatment is considered the best treatment option for anal fistula.

First, the probe is moved all the way to the channel’s far end. Then the laser probe is slowly backed out of the tube and destroys or ablates the epithelial tissue lining the channel and heals the anal fistula.

These are some important things you must know about anal fistula. It will not only help in understanding the signs of anal fistula but also guides you with the best treatment options.


“I had complex fistula in ano. Then I underwent laser surgery 6months back. Since then I am absolutely fine. No discharge, no pain. Thank you doctor. Wish you can continue this good work for everyone like me.”