A hernia occurs when an internal organ (such as the intestine) or fatty tissue bulges/protrudes through the tissue and muscle that holds it in place. This is usually caused by muscular weakness caused by constant stress in that area. Hernias do not heal on their own and require hernia surgery. The procedure involves repositioning the tissue or organ and strengthening the supporting muscles with sutures or mesh-like devices composed of foreign inorganic substances.

Is swelling after hernia surgery common or not?

Swelling after an inguinal or umbilical hernia is quite common. Usually, this does not signify any problem. When there is an injury to any part of the body or when surgery is performed, the area is filled with fluid that helps in the healing process. The fluid provides the nutrients that the cells in the region require to mend and heal. The fluids are eventually absorbed by the body, and the swelling subsides. The swelling may vary depending on the kind (and location) of hernia healed, and the duration for the swelling or bulge to go away might take six months or more.

Along with swelling/ bulging following hernia surgery, a few droplets of blood may get collected in the bulged area. This is a usual thing, and there is no reason to be concerned. In the case of repaired inguinal hernia, the blood may fall into the scrotum, turning the area blue or black. This should get healed within a few days, and the skin’s colour should return to normal.

What happens when swelling doesn’t disappear within a few months after hernia surgery?

As mentioned above, swelling following hernia surgery is common. If the swelling does not disappear, you should consult the best hernia doctor in Kolkata since it might signal a recurrence or an infection. The chances of infection following hernia surgery are extremely low. Most of the time, you will just see a typical bulge or swelling. If the pain or swelling worsens by the day and is accompanied by skin reddening, it signifies an infection. In order to get rid of such issues, you should consult the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata.

From the points discussed above, it can be concluded that a bulge in the operated area after hernia surgery is normal. If the bulge does not reduce on its own in due course of time, then it is recommended to visit a hernia doctor for a consultation.


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