According to a piles doctor in Kolkata, when you are straining to force out a hard stool, it causes constipation and can lead to bleeding. During such a case, your stool is also likely to be very solid and large, and you may need to force out the stool with immense effort.

Piles are swollen veins in and around the rectum which push through the rectal wall or bulge out near the anus. Most of the piles develop because of extreme pressure on the rectum. Such pressure could be caused due to overweight, irregular bowel movement, pregnancy, and lifting heavy items.

Constipation and piles

You may spend a long time sitting on the toilet because of constipation. Applying extreme pressure can be harmful to your veins around the rectum. At the same time, you might try to avoid frequent bowel movements to avoid the pain. A frequent bowel movement can worsen your constipation and also exacerbates the risk of piles.

How to get relief for constipation piles?

If you have both piles and constipation, then how would you fix it? Here are a few tips suggested by a piles doctor in Kolkata:

Drinking adequate water every day

You must drink an adequate amount of water every day to have a healthy bowel movement. If your system is short of water, your body might extract water from the colon. As a result, it may lead to dry and hard stool that becomes harder to pass.

Add an adequate amount of fibre to your diet

If you do not add enough fibre to your regular diet, then your stool might become hard and can lead to constipation.

Reduce toilet time

The longer you sit, the more pressure you tend to put on your rectum, which may cause constipation. Hence you need to reduce the time you spend in your toilet. Don’t force the passing of stool by putting additional pressure on the rectum.

Get help from your piles doctor

If you face difficulty in minimising your piles and constipation problem, then you must consult a doctor. If required, you might also undergo laser piles surgery. Every piles surgeon in Kolkata would prefer laser surgery to treat and cure your problem.

From the above points, it can be concluded that piles and constipation are interrelated. Hence, you need to avoid the occurrence of constipation to avoid the risk of piles. In case you suffer from piles, it is recommended to visit your nearest piles doctor in Kolkata without any delay.