A hernia is one of the severe problems that can affect patients of all ages, from infants and young adults to older people. To get an effective treatment, most patients undergo laparoscopic hernia surgery. With the help of laparoscopic surgery, hernia patients can recover quickly by getting discharged from the hospital on the same day of surgery. In this blog, you will understand the things you need to do and avoid after hernia surgery.

Dos after laparoscopic hernia surgery

According to a hernia specialist in Kolkata, here is the list of things you need to follow after hernia surgery.

  • Start with liquid food items in your regular diet and slowly add small solid meals after a few days of hernia surgery.
  • You must stay hydrated for a smooth and healthy stool and bowel movement. Hence, you need to drink at least six to eight cups of water every day.
  • Continue to take medications prescribed by a hernia doctor in Kolkata.
  • Do take as much rest as possible for your quick and effective recovery to give rest to the operated area of the hernia. Getting enough naps will help you to stay physically fit and healthy after the hernia surgery.
  • Always wear loose and comfortable clothes to avoid rubbing your operated hernia area.
  • Always try to stay active by taking short walks and other minimum physical activities. It will help in preventing blood clots.
  • You should also start your regular activities slowly after the hernia surgery.

Don’ts after laparoscopic hernia surgery

According to the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata, here are some precautionary measures you need to avoid to recover quickly after the hernia surgery.

  • Do not drink alcohol after the hernia surgery while taking pain medication. You can drink alcohol once the pain medication stops.
  • Do not panic while sneezing, and keep a pillow close by. Always brace your incision with it while coughing or sneezing to stay protected from the risk of possible tearing.
  • Do not lift any heavy material after the surgery.
  • Avoid doing extensive exercises to reduce the risk of possible complications post-laparoscopic hernia surgery.
  • Don’t bathe in a hot tub or swim for at least two to three weeks. This is because submerging yourself in water may increase the risk of the incision becoming infected. Before taking a bath or swimming, you should always consult the hernia doctor to stay away from any complications.

You need to follow these few dos and don’ts after undergoing laparoscopic hernia surgery in Kolkata. It will help recover quickly and effectively by reducing the risk of further complications.