Varicose veins are those veins that have broken valves. Since the valves are broken, blood can flow backward and causes it to stay in the veins themselves. This causes the vein to stretch and expand, become twisted, and prevents it from circulating blood properly.

Varicose veins can be quite painful. They can bleed, itch, and cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. The legs get swollen and it can lead to several complications. In these cases, it makes perfect sense to contact a varicose vein doctor in Kolkata for treatment options.

Surgery is one of the ways to tackle varicose veins. Choosing the EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment) surgery is one of the choices that the doctor may lay before you. You can opt for this surgery and find a solution to your varicose problem.

Why is the EVLT a good option?

  • EVLT Takes About An Hour To Perform

This procedure takes about an hour or so to perform. Given the short timeframe for the surgery, it is a very convenient methodology. However, a lot depends on the skill of the varicose vein doctor in Kolkata. He or she will have to be very skilled in order to perform the surgery.

  • The Surgery Requires Just One Incision

Unlike the other forms of varicose vein surgery, EVLT surgery requires only one incision or cut on the skin. Other forms of surgery for varicose veins require plenty of cuts that do not look particularly nice.

  • Resume Normal Activities Immediately

With this surgery under the auspices of a varicose vein doctor in Kolkata it is possible to resume normal activities immediately. You can return to work in one day’s time. Considering the procedure is so efficient it causes minimum complications post-surgery.

  • May Provide Long-Lasting Effects

EVLT process of removing varicose veins can provide long-lasting effects. The veins that cause the problem are removed and in rare cases, there is regrowth of the problem. Hence, it is quite understandable to choose EVLT for your surgery.

  • Used for Deep Veins

EVLT is used for deep veins and is pretty effective for the same. Some surgery forms are useful only for surface-level veins. EVLT goes beyond that, it can remove varicose veins that are below the surface.


Varicose veins can be quite a painful problem. In case you choose to opt for surgery, opt for one of the best varicose vein doctors in Kolkata, Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik.

He is an experienced and skilled doctor in the field of laser surgery and will tackle the problem effectively.