If you like to stay healthy and exercise regularly, you might be wondering when you would be able to get back to your routine after your varicose vein treatment.

So, in this post, Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik, a varicose vein specialist doctor in Kolkata, explains when you can resume exercising after varicose veins laser surgery.

You Can Start Exercising Immediately after EVLT But Take it Slow

Endovenous laser therapy, often known as EVLT, is a standard minimally invasive procedure, for treating varicose and spider veins.

Patients who get this sort of vein therapy can usually resume their exercise program right away, but it’s necessary to take it slow the first week after surgery and avoid intense activities.

Why Is Intense Physical Activity Prohibited Immediately After Surgery

Starting strenuous activity soon after surgery without consulting your doctor can cause varicose and spider veins to reappear, says Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik, a varicose veins laser surgeon in Kolkata.

EVLT is effective because it prevents blood flow to the affected veins, and in time, they get dissolved.

Strenuous physical activity creates a surge of blood throughout the body, and when this occurs, veins may dilate and enlarge.

This causes the affected veins to reopen, resulting in the return of the painful varicose and spider veins.

Here are some exercises that you must avoid after your varicose vein surgery –

  • Cross-training
  • Running
  • Jumping jacks
  • Weight lifting
  • Zumba

Exercises You Can Do Immediately After Varicose Veins Laser Surgery

While vigorous exercise is not recommended after vein treatment, your doctor will encourage you to get up and walk as it aids in blood circulation throughout the body.

Varicose veins surgeon in Kolkata advises patients to perform various low-impact exercises. 

Here are the exercises that you can do immediately after vein surgery:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Utilizing an exercise bike, rowing machine, elliptical machine, or stair climber
  • Step aerobics

What to Do in Case of Discomfort After Surgery

In the first week after surgery, you may experience minor bruising or temporary discomfort. 

In that case, the varicose veins laser surgeon in Kolkata suggests applying an ice pack to the affected area (20 minutes on and 20 minutes off).

It is also recommended to elevate the affected leg or legs above the heart level to improve blood circulation.