Piles or haemorrhoids are a very common condition that affects around 20-50% of the population. Mostly, there is nothing to worry about if you have been diagnosed with piles. However, the condition can become serious and you may require surgery.

In today’s blog, the best piles surgeon in Kolkata explains what the various grades of piles are and when you will require surgery for the same. Let’s dive in.

The Various Types of Piles Explained

Piles can be classified into 4 types. They are internal, external, prolapsed, and thrombosed. These are the major grades of the condition.

  • Internal Piles

Internal piles are deep within the anus and cannot be seen externally. This type or category of piles is a protrusion or an extension of the walls of the rectum or anus.

  • External Piles

These appear as bumps around the anus and can be seen by the doctor during an examination.

  • Prolapsed Piles

When internal piles swell up and protrude from the anus, they are known as prolapsed piles.

  • Thrombosed Piles

These can be external and internal piles where the pool of blood clots and becomes very painful.

Best Piles Surgeon in Kolkata

The Various Grades of Piles Explained

The best piles surgeon in Kolkata explains 4 grades of haemorrhoids according to Goligher’s classification.

Internal piles have been classified into various grades depending on the appearance and degree of the prolapse.

  • Grade 1: The anal cushions of tissue and blood vessels bleed but do not prolapse.
  • Grade 2: These prolapse on straining but get reduced by themselves.
  • Grade 3: In this condition, the anal cushions prolapse but they need to be manually replaced into the anal canal.
  • Grade 4: The prolapse stays out at all times.

In Grades 3 and 4, the doctor or surgeon may recommend surgery. One of the best surgical options is laser surgery and you should consult with your doctor regarding the same.

How Are Haemorrhoids or Piles Diagnosed?

For external haemorrhoids, the doctor will diagnose the problem just by visual examination. A physical examination is required when there are internal haemorrhoids. Sometimes, a thin tube with a light at the end may be inserted into the anus to detect haemorrhoids.

Laser surgery is better than open surgery because it is faster, less painful and bloodless. Hence, if choosing a treatment option for piles, you may opt for open surgery.

Wrapping Up

Piles only rarely require the assistance of the best piles surgeon in Kolkata. However, in some cases haemorrhoids need surgery. One of the best surgeons for this is Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik who can help you with laser surgery for piles.