A hernia is a hole in the abdomen or muscle caused by an internal organ pushing through the muscular wall. They usually appear as bulges in your belly or along scars from previous surgical procedures and occur in the abdomen and groin. In order to avoid the risk or the occurrence of a hernia, a hernia doctor in Kolkata has recommended some important tips mentioned in the blog.

What are the preventive measures for a hernia? Says a hernia doctor

Here are a few tips suggested by a hernia specialist in Kolkata that can help you avoid the risk of developing a hernia:

Using proper lifting techniques

Lift a suitable quantity of weight. Always use a hand truck or forklift to reduce the weight if the load is too heavy. Always bend from the knees rather than the waist. Lift using your legs’ muscles, your back upright, and correct ankle support. Avoid hurrying and lift the weight carefully to ensure that your body is correctly positioned and that you have taken the necessary precautions. Stop if you feel discomfort.

Avoid obesity

Excess body weight can put enormous pressure on the abdominal wall, leading it to deteriorate over time. Being overweight increases your chances of developing an inguinal hernia. The walls around the abdomen can always be under pressure because of the extra body fat, whether you stand or move. Obesity can also strain other muscle groups during movement and exercise. This is why a hernia doctor recommends to maintain a healthy wieght.

Enhance your core strength

Increasing core strength can help avoid hernias in various ways. The word “core” refers to the main pelvic and abdominal muscles, such as the pelvic floor and oblique muscles, as well as minor muscles, such as the gluteus maximus and trapezius. Regular core-strengthening workouts can assist in strengthening and elasticizing the muscles surrounding your abdomen and groin.

The plank is an excellent core-strengthening exercise. A basic plank is similar to the start of a push-up, except you just hold yourself up with your arms or elbows. Consult a hernia doctor in Kolkata about whether core workouts suit you.

Control diabetes

Managing diabetes is also helpful in hernia prevention. Recent research has raised concerns regarding the effectiveness of ventral and umbilical hernia repair in diabetic women. According to the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata, diabetes increases the risk of problems after ventral (surgical scar site) or umbilical (near the navel or belly button) hernia surgery. This shows that insulin-dependent individuals had a greater risk of problems.

Quit smoking

Smokers and those with COPD or similar illnesses are prone to suffer from a hernia problem because of excessive tobacco intake. These are some basic tips recommended by a hernia doctor in Kolkata that may help avoid the risk of a hernia.