Also known as keyhole surgery, minimally invasive surgery, or Band-Aid surgery, laparoscopic surgery is very popular because it requires fewer cuts and has lesser blood loss.

But is it the right surgical answer for you? Learn more about the open surgery vs. laparoscopic surgery debate in this blog.

Also, if you are looking for laparoscopic surgery in Kolkata, reach out to us. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Is Open Surgery?

Open surgeries are traditional surgeries that most of us know about. A surgeon will use a scalpel to make a cut in the abdomen, around 3 to 10 inches down the abdomen, open the skin, and use traditional implements for the procedure.

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Used to treat the problems of the abdomen and the pelvic region, a laparoscope is a long thin device with a camera attached at the end from which a visual feed is sent to the surgeon. If any organ needs to be removed or worked upon, other small cuts are made and instruments are inserted through them to perform the operation. This procedure is used primarily in the diagnosis of problems in the pelvic and abdominal parts of the body.

Open Surgery Vs. Laparoscopic Surgery: Which Is the Better Procedure For Me?

You can make your decision on whether to opt for open or laparoscopic surgery based on the following points.

  • The Number of Incisions

The cuts in laparoscopic surgery are smaller, around 1 to 2 inches long, while in open surgeries they can be much longer. In laparoscopic surgery, there are fewer incisions when compared to open surgery.

  • Blood loss, Trauma, and Pain

There is very little blood loss, trauma, and pain in laparoscopic surgeries. The patient suffers less and recovers faster. In open surgery, there is a longer recovery time and the patient feels more discomfort than in laparoscopic surgery.

  • Anesthesia

When opting for open surgery, there is local anesthesia applied, when opting for laparoscopic surgery general anesthesia is applied.

Before you opt for laparoscopic surgery in Kolkata, consult with a qualified surgeon, and ask him or her all your doubts. There is also the factor of cost, so do what feels right for your budget as well.

Laparoscopic Surgery in Kolkata

Wrapping Up

When you compare open surgery vs. laparoscopic surgery, ask whether the surgeon in question is able to perform both types of surgery, in case during the procedure there are complications that need you to be cut open.

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