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Medical science is changing everyday with modern innovations. Diseases considered incurable and unmanageable before are becoming manageable and less troublesome. Modern day treatment is showing more rays of hope than ever before.

The only thing which is coming in between is the cost of treatment and affordability of common people who are failing to avail the benefit of it.

‘Clinica Health’ is conceptualized and designed to meet the international healthcare standards at an affordable cost. It is committed to provide quality medical care and excellent service under the supervision of Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik, best laser & laparoscopy surgeon in Kolkata whose sole aim is to bridge the gap of cost and affordability of patients with limited resource.

Our Services

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a type of advanced surgical procedure that uses special light beams instead of basic surgical instruments.

Non-Cancer Surgery

Non-Cancer Surgery is the main surgical procedure to remove gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) that haven’t spread too much.

Cancer Surgery

Cancer Surgery is performed to remove the cancerous cells and some nearby lymph nodes, depending on the form and stage of the cancer.

Scarless Surgery

Scar less Surgery offers the patients with reduced post-operative pain, faster recovery time, and little or no abdominal scarring

You Have Reasons to Choose Us

Mediclaim Assistance

We accept all types of medical insurance

Covid Safe NABH Hospital

We focus on health, hygiene and regularly sanitize our facilities

Highly Qualified Expert

We have highly qualified doctors and experts with 18+ years of experience

Complete Safety of Patients

Ensuring the safety of our patients is our prime motto

Comprehensive Care

All investigations available under one roof

Certified Laser Surgeon

Certified Laser & Laparoscopy Surgeon Our team of doctors perform even the most advanced surgeries

What our patients say

Shiva Thakur

I am thankful to Dr.Purnendu for curing my piles problem. I was frightened with open surgery of piles as it may be very painful. After a lot of research I finally chose Dr. Purnendu for laser piles surgery. It was as good an experience as committed. May he continue his good work for long. Thank you doctor.


I had multiple lumps on my foot due to an infection in my veins. Dr Purnendu Bhowmik diagnosed the problem in the first appointment only. Finally, after 3 days he did laser surgery. Now I am completely fit. Thank you very much Dr Bhowmik to cure my leg problem. Highly recommended.


I have gone to him for UTI. He has cured it with single medicine. But the attracting part was he is not at all money making mind. He treats patients with good care and clear each and every doubt. He gave us near about half an hour time to clear our doubts. First time I see any doctor with such a dynamic approach. Highly recommended

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    laparoscopic surgeon

    Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik

    MBBS(Hons), MS(Surgery), FACS(USA), MRCS (Edinburgh), MRCPS (Glasgow), FMAS(Minimal Access Surgery), FALS(Colo-rectal surgery), FIAGES(Gastrointestinal Endo surgery), FAIS
    CC Laser proctology (Poland),
    CC Laparoscopic hernia surgery
    Advanced laparoscopy, GI & GI Onco and Laser surgeon
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