Circumcision of Your Baby Boy

One of the foremost questions your paediatrician may ask you after the birth of your son is whether you intend to have him circumcised or not. Removing your baby’s foreskin is a relatively common surgical procedure, says an expert of circumcision surgery in Kolkata.

The foreskin covers the glans or the head of the penis. Circumcision exposes the end of the penis by removing it.


Your baby’s penis may appear red and swollen after circumcision. It could be covered in petroleum jelly and gauze. 

When your baby urinates, the gauze will most likely come off. Follow your doctor’s instructions on whether to reapply clean gauze to your baby’s penis or leave it off. If you need to extract gauze from the penis, soak it in warm water first and gently loosen it.

A thin yellow film may form over the circumcised area the day after the procedure. This is a normal part of the healing process. It should clear up in a few days, says the expert of a circumcision clinic in Kolkata.

While the area heals, your baby may appear fussy and urinating may be painful for him. This soreness usually subsides in 3 or 4 days, however, it might linger for up to 2 weeks.

Each child recovers at a different pace. Follow the instructions below to assist your kid get better as soon as possible after getting circumcised.

Circumcision care

• Before and after touching the circumcision region, always wash your hands.

• After each diaper change, gently wash with warm water and pat dry your baby’s penis. Soap should not be used at all, says the expert of circumcision treatment in Kolkata.

• Avoid attempting to remove the yellow film that builds on the penis. It will fade away on its own.

• During each diaper change, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) to the circumcised area. 

• Loosen your baby’s diapers to relieve strain on the penis as it recovers.

  • For the first four days, do not bathe your son. In the meantime, sponge-wash the rest of your son’s body. Warm water and a soft washcloth can also be used to clean the region surrounding the penis gently. Baby wipes, powders, or lotion should not be used since they may cause irritation.

Make sure to contact your doctor if your child is facing any issues, says the expert of Clinica Health, a centre for circumcision surgery in Kolkata.