Every day, we hear many information about colon cancer. But not all of them are true. There are many misconceptions associated with colon cancer that need awareness among patients. These myths often lead to unnecessary delays in getting screened at the right time. Hence, it is very crucial to know the facts about this particular type of cancer.

In this blog, we will break the prevailing myths about colon cancer and present the facts to understand the disease better.

Debunking Common Myths About Colon Cancer

Below are some of the prevailing misformation around colon cancer

Debunking common myths about colon cancer
  • There is No Cure for Colon Cancer

Most patients feel anxious after being diagnosed with colon cancer and have the notion that it is incurable. But this is not the reality. Colon cancer is highly treatable and most patients get cured with advanced and effective treatment options. The primary treatment is colon cancer surgery where the cancerous cells are removed. Moreover, there are curative treatment options for Stage IV patients.

  • A Colonoscopy is Painful and Inconvenient

This is one of the common myths associated with colon cancer. Colonoscopy is a painless procedure and is completely safe. During the process, patients might feel mild discomfort. However, in most cases, patients are given anesthesia so that are unlikely to feel any pain.

  • Colon Cancer is An Old Man’s Disease

As per medical reports, colon cancer is on the rise among young people. Nearly double the number of patients under the age of 50 years are diagnosed with colon cancer compared to what it was earlier. Hence, doctors recommend screening if individuals are experiencing any unusual symptoms like rectal bleeding, or chronic constipation no matter if they are in their 20s, 30s, or 40s.

  • A Family History of Colon Cancer or Polyps Can Only Cause Colon Cancer

A family history of colon cancer may indeed put you at a higher risk of developing this disease. However, surgeons performing colon cancer surgery have stated that more than half of the individuals have developed colon cancer with no risk factors.

  • Having A Polyp Indicates Cancer and Surgery

It is to be noted that having a polyp does not mean cancer. However, if left untreated, it can gradually turn cancerous and spread to other parts of the body. Getting surgical treatment will ensure that the polyp is completely removed to prevent the growing and spreading of the cancer cells.

  • All Patients Have Colostomy Bags After Surgery

It is a question among all patients with colon cancer whether they need a colostomy bag. The answer is that it is not true for everyone. The improved surgical techniques and advanced treatment options have eliminated the need for a colostomy after colon cancer surgery. Most patients lead an active lifestyle following the treatment.

Wrapping up

Colon cancer is treatable. All you need is to educate yourself about the disease and know the facts. Moreover, if you experience any unusual symptoms in bowel habits, always go early detection to lead a healthy life.