Advantages and Disadvantages of laser piles surgery

Although piles are not life-threatening, they are extremely tormenting and uncomfortable. Several effective treatments for piles have emerged over the years, but the safest and successful treatment is laser piles surgeryespecially when the patient has advanced to the last stage.

Reasons why patients prefer laser piles surgery 

The best laser surgeon in Kolkata stated that patients suffering from piles usually opt for laser piles surgery because of its advantages over the problems posed. Laser treatment of piles removes the affected tissue without causing damage to the healthy tissues. Pros of laser piles surgery include the following:

  1. Laser treatment of piles is painless and much safer. 
  2. Less bleeding during the procedure. The advantage of minimum bleeding makes this surgery more effective. Piles doctor in Kolkata usually recommends piles surgery as an excellent option to cure piles. 
  3. The short duration of the surgery makes this a better choice. In most cases, this surgery takes up to 45 minutes to complete. 
  4. Laser treatment has a short recovery time for patients. Patients can return to their daily routine after a couple of days. However, the doctors recommend one week of rest for complete healing.
  5. This surgery is far easier to conduct compared to other piles surgeries before. It requires no cuts and open wounds. This procedure uses laser beams to burn the blood vessels that caused the piles, which eventually shrinks and disappears.

Few cons of laser piles surgery 

Laser treatment of piles also has few drawbacks like any other surgical procedure. The most common disadvantages include the following:

  1. Laser treatment is expensive compared to open surgery. Surgical instruments to perform this procedure are relatively high in cost. Due to this reason, many clinics and hospitals do not carry out this surgery; however, many hospitals provide affordable treatment.
  2. During piles surgery, the equipment has caught fire on rare occasions due to manufacturing defects. Piles surgeons need to handle the equipments effectively; otherwise, it may cause a problem.

Conclusion The advantages of laser treatment of piles outweigh the cons of this treatment. Most of the best piles surgeons in Kolkata recommend this surgery to patients who have reached the advanced stage. The reoccurrence of piles also becomes much less with laser surgery,and the patients recovers quickly. Hence laser surgery is considered a preferred option as compared to conventional surgery.