Removing piles can ease the discomfort and bleeding caused by piles through laser piles surgery. After the surgery, follow-up care is important to control discomfort. The time required to recover completely after laser treatment is comparatively less than other surgical methods.

Laser piles surgery is usually an outpatient procedure

On the day of surgery, you will be given either local or general anaesthetic, depending on the condition and the decision of the best piles surgeon. Stitches will be placed where the piles were removed, and you will be given medications, including pain relievers (painkillers). After undergoing laser piles surgery, you will be discharged once the anesthetic effect has worn off.

Controlling your pain after piles surgery

Make sure you follow your doctor’s orders and take your medications and painkillers on a regular basis. Following surgery, the anal region will be sore and extremely sensitive. During the first several weeks, you should relax as much as possible with minimum movement.

A warm water sitz bath is recommended to relieve discomfort. A sitz bath is a tiny basin that is maintained on the western toilet, filled with warm water, and over which you can sit to relieve pain in your bottom. When you need to sit in a chair or on the bed, use a doughnut-shaped cushion to avoid putting pressure on your anal area.

Keep your anal area clean all the time

It is critical to keep your bottom clean at all times. At the same time, it is also advisable take a shower or use a sitz bath and clean the area with soft, wet towels rather than dry toilet paper after the laser piles surgery. Make sure you wipe the area gently.

Things that you can do after laser piles surgery

According to a piles doctor in Kolkata, the sooner you start walking, the better it is for your to lead a normal healthy life. If you suffer constipation or trouble passing stools, it is recommended to use stool softener. It will help you avoid stool bleeding during the bowel movement.

Things you need to avoid after laser piles surgery

You should avoid lifting heavy objects and also skip vigorous exercises. Along with this, you should also avoid foods that might lead to constipation.

This is how you can reduce the recovery time post-laser piles surgery by following the tips mentioned above.