Circumcision is a process where the skin covering the head of the penis is removed. Circumcision surgery in Kolkata is usually performed on newborn baby boys for cultural or religious reasons (especially among Muslim families). Apart from religious or cultural reasons, this surgical procedure can also be done for medical reasons as well.

A  circumcision operation has both advantages and risk factors involved. Let’s first understand the risk factors involved in this surgery.

Risks of Circumcision Surgery

Circumcision operation is one of the most surgical procedures with a few risk factors and complications involved.

  • Bleeding, swelling or infection is one of the most common complications involved in circumcision operations.
  • During sex, the person might feel less sensation in the head of the penis, which may affect sexual intercourse.
  • If the stitches are not removed or dissolved at the right time, then it might create a serious problem for the penis.
  • Tenderness near the scar part of the penis

Benefits of Circumcision Surgery

There are several advantages of undergoing circumcision surgery in Kolkata, and these are mentioned below:

  • With the help of circumcision treatment in Kolkata, the risk of certain infections in the penis can be reduced, along with the risk of diseases like urinary tract infections and cancer.
  • Painless laser circumcision in Kolkata can help in getting rid of the pain in the penis during surgery.
  • It can also improve hygienic aspects by keeping the penis healthy and clean.
  • With the help of stapler circumcision surgery in Kolkata, it can minimize the risk of a few sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Laser circumcision in Kolkata can help in decreasing the risk of penile cancer.
  • It can also help in avoiding the risk of other penial issues.

Recovery process post-Circumcision Surgery

The recovery process is generally painless and doesn’t take long. However, a few things you need to know to recover post-circumcision surgery effectively in Kolkata, and these are mentioned below:

  • One week of complete bed rest is required, and avoid working in this span of seven days.
  • Apply a little portion of vaseline or any other jelly on the top of the penis to prevent it from sticking to the underwear.
  • Always wear loose-fitting accessories to avoid irritation, itching, or chafing.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least 30 days or 45 days after the treatment at the circumcision clinic in Kolkata.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and too much sun exposure to get rid of irritation or chaffing.

These are some crucial things you must know post-circumcision surgery in Kolkata to keep your penis clean, healthy, and away from any penial issues.