The best gallstone surgeon stated that gallbladder cancer is a rare condition where cancer cells start to develop in the tissues of the gallbladder and spread to the other parts of the digestive system. Gallbladder cancer can be cured only if it is detected early. If the patient reaches their advanced stage, the treatment becomes difficult. 

Warning signs of gallbladder cancer: States best gallstone surgeon

Gallbladder cancer may not have any symptoms in the initial stage, and at times, they are hard to detect. Laparoscopic gallbladder surgeon lists some warning signs of the gallbladder that patients must not ignore. 

  • A lump in your abdomen 
  • Sudden loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Jaundice 
  • Feeling too hot or cold 
  • Severe abdominal pain and cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting 

If you experience any symptoms, you need to consult a surgical gastroenterologist immediately to start your clinical trials.

Treatments of gallbladder cancer: Says best gallstone surgeon

The treatment of gallbladder cancer involves more than one treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment becomes easy and effective if it is diagnosed at an early stage. A laparoscopic gallbladder surgeon discusses some treatment options for gallbladder cancer.

  • Surgery: Gallbladder cancer surgery is one of the effective treatments for removing the cancer cells and the surrounding healthy tissues from the gallbladder to prevent its spread. Even if the tumour is not removed completely, surgery may help relieve the symptoms caused by gallbladder cancer. 
  • Radiation therapy: This therapy uses high-energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells. Radiation therapy is often conducted before the surgery to shrink the swollen blood vessels or destroy any remaining cancer cells after the surgery. Radiation therapy can have side effects like fatigue, skin reaction, and irregular bowel movements. 
  • Chemotherapy: This treatment uses drugs to destroy the cancer cells preventing its growth and spreading to other body parts. Chemotherapy is considered a palliative care treatment and is given after the surgery to prevent reoccurrence of the cancer cells. 
  • Immunotherapy: Also known as biologic therapy, this therapy uses materials made by the body or in the laboratory to boost the body’s immunity to fight against cancer. 

Conclusion Your doctor will conduct many tests for diagnosing your gallbladder cancer depending on your age and the symptoms. If the result is positive, the doctor will start the treatments depending upon the stage of cancer.