If you wish to eliminate varicose veins, laser vein treatment is one of the most effective and painless methods. 

According to Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik, a vein specialist doctor in Kolkata, this standard varicose vein treatment effectively removes veins and reduces the risk of more severe complications. 

Here are a few points to discuss with your doctor before undergoing laser surgery.

What is Varicose Vein Laser Surgery in Kolkata?

Laser treatment may sound like it is only used for aesthetic purposes. Still, it is highly effective in treating varicose veins. 

Laser treatment, also known as endovenous vein ablation or EVLT, is a procedure that uses heat from a laser to close and shrink the varicose vein and causes scar tissue within the vessel. This seals off the vein and blood then flows through other nearby veins instead. 

EVLT is minimally invasive, significantly less painful than other surgical treatment options, and brief.

Should I Undergo Laser Therapy?

If your varicose veins are painful, red, or swollen, your healthcare provider may suggest laser surgery. If the skin over your varicose veins is irritated, laser surgery may also be recommended.

Varicose veins are typically not a severe condition, but they can be painful and discomforting. You may also dislike their appearance. 

What Are The Advantages Of Laser Therapy?

Laser treatment is relatively painless and anesthesia-free. Recovery periods are typically brief, and complications are uncommon, says Dr. Purnendu Bhowmik, a varicose vein surgeon in Kolkata.

Other minimally invasive treatments, like Sclerotherapy, are also available for the treatment of varicose veins; therefore, you should ask your doctor which option is best for you based on your other medical conditions and the severity of your varicose veins.

What Does A Consultation Entail?

Consultation is used to determine the optimal treatment strategy for varicose veins. A physician will examine your condition before rendering a diagnosis. 

After that, you can evaluate your treatment options to determine the optimal course of action. 

Discuss a post-treatment plan with your varicose vein specialist doctor in Kolkata to determine how you can return to normal.

What to Expect After Laser Treatment?

Due to the simplicity and lack of discomfort associated with laser treatment, you can expect to resume normal activities shortly after the procedure. This makes laser treatment an excellent option, as you will likely not need to miss work. 

Take daily walks and avoid prolonged periods of sitting or standing. 

You can resume your normal activities; however, avoid heavy lifting for a couple of weeks after your surgery. 

Wearing compression socks after your laser treatment can facilitate recovery.