Laser piles surgery is one of the most advanced surgical methods used for piles treatment. With the help of laser surgery, the patient can be shifted quickly to a recovery room, where post-surgery treatment procedures are followed. After the surgery, the patient’s condition will be monitored under strict observation until the effects of anesthesia become inactive. Once the effects of anesthesia are gone, the patient might experience pain and discomfort, but that would be very minimal. Here are some important tips which can help in quick recovery after undergoing laser surgery for piles treatment.

How to recover after undergoing laser piles surgery?

After undergoing piles surgery, the patient might notice a few drops of blood coming out of the stool or on the tissue paper, but there’s nothing to panic. Piles doctor in Kolkata suggests a few tips that can help in quick recovery after the surgery.

Use wet tissue to clean the area.

It is recommended to use wet tissue paper to wipe the area. Using wet wipe tissue paper can reduce the risk of bleeding while cleaning. The patient can also use baby wipes to clean the bottom area to make a gentle rub.

Avoid heavy workout

It is crucial to avoid heavy physical workouts, especially those exercises that involve the movement of the lower part of the body. The patient must also stay away from heavy lifting or pulling weights for at least two weeks after laser piles surgery.

Hydration of the body

The best piles surgeon in Kolkata suggests that it is essential to keep the body hydrated after laser surgery for piles treatment. Dehydration can not only lead to piles problems but can also lead to gallbladder or bile duct issues. Drinking adequate water and healthy fluids will reduce the risk of constipation and help smooth bowel movements.

Healthy diet

A fiber-rich diet is essential to maintain a smooth and healthy bowel movement. At the same time, the patient must avoid junk, spicy and oily foods for a few days to prevent irregular bowel movements.

Keep the anal area dry and clean.

After laser piles surgery, the anal area tends to get infected from any infectious source. Hence, keeping the anal area dry and clean helps in reducing the risk of infection. These are a few vital tips that can help in quick recovery after undergoing laser piles surgery. Following the recovery procedures can help lead a normal healthy life within a few weeks after the surgery.