When cells in your colon begin to grow abnormally fast, the condition is known as cancer. One of the treatment options for colon cancer is surgery, either open or laparoscopic. You can opt for colon cancer surgery based on your doctor’s recommendation. In today’s blog, we give you information about the 3 surgical options for colon cancer. Take a look!

What Are the Three Surgical Options for Colon Cancer Surgery?

The surgical options depend on the stage of the cancer and is a call your doctor or healthcare provider will take.

  • Polypectomy

At the earliest stage, the cancer may be in the form of polyps. The doctor may say to remove the polyps as a preventive measure in case they turn cancerous. This can be performed through open abdominal surgery or colonoscopy.

  • Local Excision

In case the cancer has not spread outside the lining of the colon the doctor can perform surgery such that a piece of the lining of the colon wall is removed.

  • Colectomy

A colectomy takes place when the cancer has spread to surrounding tissue of the colon. A doctor will have to remove a part of the colon. This is also known as a large bowel resection.

colon cancer surgery

Depending on the stage of the colon cancer, you will need either one of these 3 surgeries.
Polypectomy and local excision are outpatient procedures and you do not have to stay overnight in the hospital.

Depending on the stage of the colon cancer you may require other forms of colectomy. These are partial or subtotal colectomy, proctocolectomy, sigmoidectomy, etc. The classification of the types of colon cancer surgery are as follows:

  • Partial or subtotal colectomy: this removes part of the colon. This is a call a doctor has to take in deciding which part of the colon will be removed.
  • Proctocolectomy: this surgery removes both the colon and the rectum.
  • Total colectomy: this removes the entire colon and is known as the total colectomy.
  • Sigmoid colectomy: removes only the last part of your colon, known as the sigmoid colon
  • Hemicolectomy: removes the entire right or entire left part of the colon

If you opt for laparoscopic surgery here’s what will happen. The doctor will make small incisions in your abdomen and insert a camera to guide him throughout the procedure. Then through that incision, the parts of the colon will be removed. Hence this type of surgery is known as minimally invasive.


Talk to your surgeon beforehand and get ready for colon cancer surgery. Ask all your doubts and any more queries you may have. Remember to tell your doctor about the medications you are taking currently so that he or she can assist the situation accordingly.