GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a condition where the lower esophageal sphincters do not close properly causing acid from the stomach to come up to the mouth.

Typically, doctors do not suggest surgery for GERD right at the outset. Instead, they prefer to suggest medication and lifestyle changes. If this does not work out in favour of the patient, then they suggest surgery.

However, you may decide GERD treatment surgery is not for you. Caution! Be careful of such a thought as there can be complications of leaving GERD untreated. What are those complications and how will they affect you? Find out only here.

3 Ways in Which You Affected If You Do Not Opt for GERD Treatment Surgery

If the acid reflux is a persistent problem that medication and lifestyle changes are not able to tackle, then it can lead to complications which are listed below.

  • Esophageal Irritation and Ulcers

The damage caused by stomach acid to the oesophagus is severe.

Firstly, the stomach acid can irritate the lining of the oesophagus. Apart from the burning sensation you will inevitably feel, the frequent reflux can cause the esophageal lining to swell up. This causes difficulty in swallowing and this condition is known as esophagitis. More on it later.

Furthermore, you may also experience esophageal ulcers. These ulcers can scar the lining of the oesophagus and lead to strictures. The strictures or narrowed portions can cause difficulty in swallowing.

  • Increased the Risk of Esophageal Cancer

If you choose not to opt for GERD treatment surgery, then you are effectively increasing your chances for getting esophageal cancer. As there is acid reflux, the oesophagus will get scared very badly. Moreover, a person is likely to get Barrett’s oesophagus which is a condition that stems from improper healing of esophagitis. This also increases your risk of getting cancer.

  • Tooth Decay because of Strong Stomach Acid

GERD can also ruin the enamel on your teeth and cause your perfect smile to erode over time. As stomach acid is very strong, it can wear down your teeth and weaken them. This can lead to cavities and decay.

GERD surgery works very well and is a pretty effective long-term solution to the acid reflux problem. Laparoscopic fundoplication is the surgical solution that we are talking about here and it is a surgery that is performed often with little complications.


If you have been recommended for GERD treatment surgery, it is a small suggestion that you consider the words of your physician carefully. Choose to get the surgery done instead of choosing to suffer the consequences.