Circumcision can now be accomplished using a laser procedure thanks to advances in medical science. Furthermore, laser circumcision differs from the traditional method, which employs medical scissors or a scalpel, says a well-known expert of laser circumcision in Kolkata.

Circumcision is the surgical extraction of the foreskin, the skin that covers the tip of the penis.

Laser circumcision is a minimally invasive method with no bleeding, allowing faster and easier healing. It is a 20-minute procedure that can be done with local, general, or spinal anesthesia.

Following hospital discharge

If the patient is given local anaesthesia before the circumcision procedure, he is discharged 3-6 hours later. When the patient is ready to go home, he can resume his normal routine the following day.

Following laser circumcision, there is dressing, but, the patient is not required to return for routine dressings. As a result, there is no need for frequent hospital visits to change the dressing, says the expert of the circumcision clinic in Kolkata.

What to expect after Laser Circumcision

After the surgery, the surgeon usually prescribes antibiotics or other medications to aid recovery and alleviate discomfort. Take your medications on time and follow any instructions given to you by the surgeon. 3-4 days after the laser circumcision, the patient would experience no pain or discomfort. 

The patient should try (and be completely fit for) a short walk to keep the body moving. Avoid staying in bed for extended periods. The patient should take a bath and maintain proper hygiene to avoid any risk of infection.

In some cases, the patient may encounter minor swelling. The swelling goes away in 1-2 days, says the expert of circumcision surgery in Kolkata.

After 3-4 weeks, the patient can have sex. Sutures used during this procedure dissolve on their own 12-15 days after the procedure. Avoid strenuous physical workouts and long-distance travel for 7-10 days after the procedure. Laser circumcision does not affect male sexual health or fertility.

The procedure will be 100% successful if the patient chooses to have circumcision to stop or prevent infections or physical problems such as phimosis. The patient would not have to deal with the problem again because there is no risk of recurrence of these conditions following the laser procedure.For the most patients, the surgery does not affect urination, or sensitivity in any way, says the expert of laser circumcision in Kolkata.