An anal fistula is one of the common problems faced by several people because of the abnormal tunnels that runs inside the anus. Hence, to undergo fistula treatment in Kolkata, most doctors recommend going for laser surgery. There are several reasons why laser fistula surgery is considered the best option for treatment.

But before discussing that part, let’s first understand what fistula laser treatment is.

What is laser fistula treatment?

Laser fistula treatment is a procedure in which a precise amount of laser energy is introduced at the tract of the anal fistula. After passing the laser, the tissues of the fistula are destroyed, followed by pulling back the laser after closing the fistula tract. The treatment procedure takes only a few minutes and keeps the healthy tissues intact.

Why is laser fistula treatment beneficial over conventional treatment procedures?

Here is a list of benefits one can get while undergoing laser fistula treatment in Kolkata.

  • Modern laser-supported surgery is currently the most effective way of getting rid of anal fistulas. During laser treatment, the best fistula surgeon in Kolkata use laser fiber that radiates energy and vaporizes the tract of the anal fistula.This is why it is recommended not to delay the fistula treatment, as it might lead to several complications.
  • It involves a short daycare procedure. The entire procedure hardly takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Above all, patients may be discharged on the day of laser surgery after a short period of monitoring their current condition.
  • The procedure of laser fistula surgery is minimally invasive. Unlike traditional surgical procedures, laser surgery for the fistula involves a minimum incision. At the same time, blood loss during laser treatment is significantly less compared to traditional fistula surgery.
  • If you are afraid of surgery, then you must undergo laser fistula treatment. Unlike traditional fistula surgery, laser surgery is a painless treatment procedure where a laser fiber is inserted into the fistula tract, the only entry point.
  • As it involves a scarless procedure, many people can recover quickly and effectively after undergoing laser treatment for the fistula. A small hole is made through which laser fiber enters inside the fistula tract instead of making a big cut near the anal area. At the same time, the rate of recovery is also very high compared to the recovery rate after conventional fistula surgery. This leads the patient to resume their regular activities quickly after laser treatment.

These are some reasons why laser surgery for fistula treatment in Kolkata is considered the best option for treatment.