Hernias do not go away on their own. The only method to fix your hernia is through surgery. A hernia repair uses mesh to restore the organ and heal the compromised muscle or tissue region, says a well-known hernia doctor in Kolkata.

Having surgery is a significant decision for anyone suffering from this ailment. Things are often tempting to put it off. Before you decide not to have the operation, you should consider the risks of your decision. Here are some points to think about and consult with your hernia expert before making a choice.

How does your hernia affect your life?

The first thing to look for is whether or not you have any symptoms. Not everyone has symptoms from a hernia, especially if the hernia is tiny. Pain is the most typical sign of a hernia. Other symptoms include heaviness and fullness in the abdomen or groin area. Whether you have signs or not a hernia can interfere with your regular activities.

If you are suffering from hernia and experience the symptoms listed above, especially pain, your doctor will most likely recommend surgery, says the hernia specialist in Kolkata.

What are the risks of delaying hernia surgery?

Hernias can be incarcerated

One of the significant consequences of failing to repair a hernia is that it will become stuck outside the abdominal wall—or incarcerated.


When a hernia becomes caught outside the abdominal wall, the blood supply to the herniated tissue is cut off and the bowel is obstructed, leading to strangling. This needs immediate surgical intervention.

Hernias grow 

If you avoid surgery your hernia can continue to grow and weaken the surrounding tissues over time, which may exacerbate your hernia symptoms, including discomfort, and may need lifestyle modifications. 

Hernias necessitate prompt surgery

Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, you should consider undergoing surgery as soon as possible, says the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata.

In the majority of situations, hernia surgery is unavoidable. Always keep in mind that postponing surgery until your hernia has grown larger and your muscles are weaker may make surgery and rehabilitation more difficult, as well as make reoccurrence more likely.

Your overall health may deteriorate

If you delay undergoing surgery, your general health or physical form may change over time, usually for the worse. This will also have an impact on your operation and recuperation time.Surgery at a younger age and with a tiny hernia will result in a better outcome and fewer problems. Even if you are elder, hernia repair is still advantageous since it prevents potentially fatal consequences and is suggested by doctors, says the well-known hernia doctor in Kolkata.